RPG Maker and Conlangs

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Sometimes, I’ll open up RPG Maker (one of the many iterations of ’em) and make myself an RPG, in some random conlang. Because let’s face it, there are pretty much no games in most conlangs.

These are mostly nonsensical, but maybe here to inspire someone reading to go pick up RPG Maker, or another game making tool – Game Maker, RenPy, or heck, even C++, and make some games. (Preferably with translations. 😉

These also may contain poor grammar, since I made ’em while learning. Plz forgive. :B



RPG Maker VX (PC) game – Trezoro de la Drako (2014)

RPG Maker 2 (PS2) game – La Hundo Perdita (2014)



RPG Maker VX (PC) game – La Drako de la Turmo (2014)



RPG Maker 2003 (PC) game – Óowamid (2015)


Detektivo Franko & Princino Suzana kaj Kavaliro Rebeka

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Detektivo Franko

Ĉi tiu estas filmeto kiu mi kreis en 2005.  La originala estas ĉi tie: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/241475 .

Princino Suzana kaj Kavaliro Rebeka

Originala: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/172914

Por ambaŭ de la animacioj, mia fratino skribis la rakontojn.