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Man, I love conlangs. They’re so addicting. But there’s one problem…

…original content…

Esperanto has a collection of original books, poetry, and music, but it is hard to find movies, games, and other types of original content.

And for other conlangs with less speakers, it can be even more difficult to find works to enjoy.

Creating original content is hard. It is pretty unlikely that one solo person would have all the skills to make something like a movie or software application.

Gee, if only somebody could write the story, or do the art, or help out with voice acting, or help translate this script… hmm…

Conlangers are a strange kind of family. We understand why we love conlangs, we understand why we create our own, or learn others’ conlangs. We love constructed languages.

That’s why we should be collaborating together.

In our era, self-publishing is incredibly easy. Whether we do it for free, for a bit of add revenue, or a few book sales, anybody can put their work out there for anybody else to find.

Maybe you’re an artist who isn’t good at writing stories.

Or a musician who isn’t good at composing songs.

Or an animator who can’t do that many voices.

Or a programmer who can’t make art.

Or a writer who isn’t yet confident in their Ido skills.

Wouldn’t you like to publish something in Esperanto? Ido? Toki Pona? Láadan? Ithkuil? Klingon? Whatever!


Here are any postings about projects.

Áya Dan YouTube channel

Raye Chell Mahela


It doesn’t have any content uploaded yet, but I’ve created a YouTube channel for Áya Dan. Since multiple people can be set to contribute to a single channel, my hope is that we can get several contributors to post content whenever they have spare time.

I have separate personal channels for each conlang I’ve spent time learning, but with full time work and part time gradschool, I find myself lacking spare time to do much with.

If you’re interested in subscribing, the channel is here: (We need 100 subscribers before we can have a custom URL)

And if you’re interested in contributing some work – it can be any kind of work, as long as it is about, or in, a conlang – please reach out to me. – Láadan community

Raye Chell Mahela

Laadan Club screenshot

I’ve set up a community website for Láadan as a way for us to gather together in one area, without having to make Facebook or Reddit or Livejournal accounts. This can better respect peoples’ privacy but still allow participation in our community.

The site contains a forum and a community blog right now, so if you’re registered for the forum you can also post your Láadan works in the blog. There’s also an RSS feed page, so if you know any places that post about Láadan and want me to add the feed to that page, let me know!

If you’re interested in conlangs or Láadan, if you’re learning Láadan or want to learn it someday, or want to discuss preserving and expanding the language, please join us!

Anyone want to help me parse text files?

Raye Chell Mahela


I think that it would be nice to build a dictionary that has translations between many conlangs and natlangs, for use as a single application.

And, let me know if this has already been done, because I don’t want to reinvent the wheel or anything.

I’ve set up a GitHub project here:
in hopes that I can get some help with this casual project.

Mainly, I’ve pulled dictionaries from around the ‘web, and they need to be parsed. Most of these dictionaries aren’t made with the idea of parsability in mind, only being read by a human. Scraping data from documents like these is always a pain, and I wouldn’t want to do it all solo.

Additionally, it’s always good to have another set of eyes looking over the design so that features that might be really important are added ahead of time, or a bad design is pointed out. I haven’t designed any databases in a while, but I’m hoping what I have makes some sense.

Finfine, after a dictionary has been compiled and made available to everybody as an CopyFree asset, it would be nice to also build some CopyFree dictionary utilities – for web, desktop, and mobile.


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