Esperanto Book Archive on Áya Dan

Raye Chell Mahela

homo kaj kosmo - esperanto revuo 2


A while ago, a bunch of old Esperanto books and magazines were donated to our local Esperanto group (Esperanto Kansas City).

These books go back as far as the 1930s, and right now they just sit in my apartment. I would like to archive them, so I will try to scan some of them over time.

You can view the first two entries on the Esperanto Book Archive page.

Conlang T-shirts (Áya Dan)

Raye Chell Mahela

Esperanto TShirtsI am definitely a t-shirt person. Most of the time, my fashion consists of jeans or shorts and a t-shirt. But there aren’t always t-shirts out there that I want, so I design my own as well.

On my conlangers shop, I make cute graphic tees that relate to conlangs. (At the moment, it is basically just Esperanto because it used to be called “Mojoseco”). If you like Áya Dan and also happen to enjoy one of these t-shirts, hopefully you’ll pick one up! When you have expendable income, of course. I get about 20% of the t-shirt sales back, so it is just a little something to help out with paying for webhosting, and maybe to motivate me to make YouTube videos for my various conlang channels. (wink wink nudge nudge) ;P


A Confluence of Conlangs

Raye Chell Mahela

What’s going on? This isn’t the website you were expecting!

As of October 2015, the following websites have been merged into Áyadan:

  • Nia Ido (Ido language blog)
  • Esperanimeo (partially)
  • La Aliuloj (LGBTQIA+ and “other people” blog in Esperanto)
  • Toki Pona (any content)
  • Lolehoth (Láadan blog and resources)
  • Rejcx’s Mandarin Chinese
  • Select posts from

( Yes, Chinese is not a conlang, this is a blog about any languages. I just wanted to have alliteration in my blog title. ;-; )

The blog is still ran by Rachel of Moosader, but now it is easier to maintain and keep active one site based on languages, instead of many separate ones.

You can still browse content by-language (via the navigation bar).