Láadan Quick Search Dictionary

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

web dict

I’ve built a new quick-search dictionary for the Láadan language, and it is available through the Láadan page of this site.

It displays all the entries from the LaadanLanguage.org Láadan-to-English dictionary, and then you can enter a search term to filter the list. Any entries where your term shows up will be visible.

You can access it here:

Or get the source code here:

Tiny Text Walking Adventure

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Screenshot of text adventure game

I don’t always have access to all of my tools to make cute graphical games, but sometimes I still have to program so I work on an ncurses (console-graphics) project or a simple text adventure in C++.

You can check out the source code for Im Bethedi on GitHub:

There’s not much to it, all you can do is walk around between rooms, but maybe I can expand on it later if I get bored. :)

Otherwise, will stick to graphical games.

That darn “á”! (How to type accented letters on Windows)

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

By the way, quick tip – if you want to type “á” quickly on a Windows machine, here’s what you can do:

  1. Hold the left ALT key, keep it pressed down.
  2. On your num-pad (the right-side number keys), type: 0, then 2, then 2, then 5

You can quickly type in special characters this way (although you have to memorize the code).

There are other ways to enable accents when typing, perhaps we will cover this later.

In the meantime, you can use the web accenter tool on this page, or just use these keycodes:

  • á 0225
  • Á 0193
  • é 0233
  • É 0201
  • í 0237
  • Í 0205
  • ó 0243
  • Ó 0211
  • ú 0250
  • Ú 0218