The Ludfesto webpage is LIVE!

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

tcql and I have been working on organizing Ludfesto – an Esperanto-themed GameJam that will be running throughout the month of December.

The goal is to encourage people to learn how to make games, and hopefully see more Esperanto-language projects started!

Teams are definitely allowed, so even if you don’t want to tackle working with building the game itself, you could help out via translating, art, music, etc.!

And, even if you don’t have experience making games, if it sounds interesting to you, I definitely suggest you try it out! There are tons of tools and tons of tutorials out there, so stick with a small project and learn something new! (I’m also working on some Esperanto-language tutorials throughout November).

Rules and more information are on the webpage, if you have any questions let us know! 😀


November is “NaNoWriMo”!

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

NaNoWriMo is short for “National Novel Writing Month”. Basically, you accept a challenge: to write 50,000 words for your novel, during November.

I suggest that you take part, and write a story in Esperanto! It’s not important whether you’re good or mediocre – it’s for fun and practice!

Afterwards, we can share our stories! :)

Check out the thread on Reddit for discussion!

Detektivo Franko & Princino Suzana kaj Kavaliro Rebeka

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Detektivo Franko

Ĉi tiu estas filmeto kiu mi kreis en 2005.  La originala estas ĉi tie: .

Princino Suzana kaj Kavaliro Rebeka


Por ambaŭ de la animacioj, mia fratino skribis la rakontojn.

Ludu ‘Open Arena’ kun ni! Marto 1

Rachel Wil Sha Singh


Open Arena estas senpaga, malfermitkoda videoludo, vi povas elŝuti ĉi tie:

La “Praktiku Esperanton” grupo ( ludos tion Marto 1 (2014-03-01), ĉe 12:00 pm CST (-6 GMT)

La informo estas ĉi tie:

La video el ni ludis estas ĉi tie: