Kuĉjo Fenikso faras videojn!

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Looking for some more Esperanto vlogs to watch?

During this and next month, Kurt Phoenix is posting weekly videos to the Áya Dan YouTube channel. Here are the first four videos.


Rej & Kuĉjo ĉe la parko por 4a julio (Áya Dan / Esperanto)


La Fundamento de Trovanta Mi Mem per Esperantujo (Malgracia Filmeto)


Vlogo pri poezio (Mi legis mian poemon)


Annabel Lee de Edgar A. Poe Tradukita kaj Legita en Esperanto


If you’re interested in creating content for the Áya Dan channel (in, or about, any conlang), please contact Rachel at Rachel@Moosader.com


People leaving conlangs

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

The main reason I see people leave a community that is based around a specific conlang seems to always be because of other people.

Which, for auxlangs like Esperanto and Ido, is a little bit ironic? Maybe? Since they’re designed to bring people together. But politics (how words should be used, when words should be added, etc.) and the debate (or, more regularly, arguments) for/against really seem to drive people away.

With Esperanto, I see this most with trying to expand vocabulary to add more inclusive terms, people being against that, and the resulting vitriol driving away people – mostly women and LGBTQIA+ people. I have a contact in the Ido world who has made a lot of Ido content who now tells me that they’re leaving because of conflict over words in Ido as well, and someone being toxic about that.

I’ve put a lot of energy into Láadan in hopes of building another type of community, oriented a bit more towards me and mine, but as things grow, it seems that there will inevitably be people leaving no matter what language or what goals are shared by the users of the language.

It’s almost like humans are the reason behind conflict, not what languages they speak. ;P

Áya Dan YouTube channel

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Screenshot of Áya Dan channel on YouTubeClick here to visit the channel

A bit ago, I set up the Áya Dan YouTube channel, though due to lack of time, did not upload any videos to it. Last night, I migrated my videos from my Esperanto, Ido, and Láadan YouTube channels over here, so there is at least some content now!


The goal of the YouTube channel is the same as the blog:

  • First, to be a collaborative space for people to post about, or in, conlangs.
  • Secondly, Áya Dan is meant to also give a platform to amplify peoples’ voices, especially when it comes to social issues. One of the original blogs that was merged into Áya Dan was “La Aliuloj”, which was started as a LGBTQIA+ Esperanto blog.
  • Third, to build original content around conlangs – not just translations of existing works (though translations and reworkings are somewhat allowed). We want to encourage the creation of unique content from people with various viewpoints and backgrounds.

And, all conlangs are welcome!


Sometimes people send me little news updates and I will post about that, or if someone would like to contribute a one-off blog post or video, we can upload those for you. If you would like to be a regular contributor, and have access to the channel/blog to upload content whenever you have free time, please email me at Rachel@Moosader.com !



Áya Dan YouTube channel

Rachel Wil Sha Singh


It doesn’t have any content uploaded yet, but I’ve created a YouTube channel for Áya Dan. Since multiple people can be set to contribute to a single channel, my hope is that we can get several contributors to post content whenever they have spare time.

I have separate personal channels for each conlang I’ve spent time learning, but with full time work and part time gradschool, I find myself lacking spare time to do much with.

If you’re interested in subscribing, the channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJiwii5O87i8fedse_O06ow (We need 100 subscribers before we can have a custom URL)

And if you’re interested in contributing some work – it can be any kind of work, as long as it is about, or in, a conlang – please reach out to me.


Translation of Pepper & Carrot into Ido

Rachel Wil Sha Singh


A few days ago, Giles-Philippe Morin reached out to me to let me know that he and William Johnsson has translated the libre/open-source comic, Pepper & Carrot, to Ido.

(It is also available in Lojban and Esperanto)

It is viewable here:

Actually this seems like a pretty cool idea! Like a Wiki page, but for comics. I would definitely like to see more of this sort of thing.

Laadan.club – Láadan community

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Laadan Club screenshot

I’ve set up a community website for Láadan as a way for us to gather together in one area, without having to make Facebook or Reddit or Livejournal accounts. This can better respect peoples’ privacy but still allow participation in our community.

The site contains a forum and a community blog right now, so if you’re registered for the forum you can also post your Láadan works in the blog. There’s also an RSS feed page, so if you know any places that post about Láadan and want me to add the feed to that page, let me know!

If you’re interested in conlangs or Láadan, if you’re learning Láadan or want to learn it someday, or want to discuss preserving and expanding the language, please join us!