On missing conlangs…

Raye Chell Mahela

Dang, I’ve been so busy lately, and life is transitioning and too much stuff is going on. In the meantime, I’ve forced myself to stop learning languages or making content for conlangs so that I can focus on managing all the work I have to do, but I miss it. Conlangs have this weird sort of addictive quality, though, so I can’t jump back into it right now, otherwise it might hurt the rest of this semester – at least until I have more free time, or am ahead of all the work. Oy. :(


Suzette Haden Elgin’s other conlangs

Raye Chell Mahela

Images of aliens from the cover of Native Tongue books

Suzette Haden Elgin, the creator of Láadan and author of the Native Tongue book series (among others), had been working on a new novel prior to her health problems. According to her LiveJournal, she was in the process of re-writing it by hand.



How complete was the draft? Will it ever be released? Who knows…

The new novel was given the name Alien Tongues. As part of the novel, S.H.E. had also been working on new languages for the book: Thandi, Lenadess, Aubre, and Nangdi. On her official website, she posted the Swadesh Vocab List for these languages.

I’ve parsed these vocab lists to display them in a pretty table.