Update on the conlang repositories

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Hi all –

As you may know, most of the conlang-related software and resources I put out I like to make open source. Previously, I had a GitHub organization for Áya Dan to put all the repositories. However, due to the recent acquisition by Microsoft, and Microsoft contracting with ICE, I have since moved all my repositories to BitBucket and deleted my GitHub account. All the conlang projects I work on are now available here: https://bitbucket.org/ayadan/ – and on a plus side, I can make *projects* in BitBucket so under the ayadan team there’s Esperanto, Láadan, Ido, etc. *projects*.

I’ll have to update the links as I find them, I don’t remember where all the links to the GitHub repositories are, but I will try to update them to the BitBucket locations over time.




Láadan quick search dictionary update

Rachel Wil Sha Singh


I spent today and yesterday going through the entire Láadan dictionary. I classified words by “noun”, “transitive verb”, “intransitive verb”, and the different kinds of markers. Additionally, I added work breakdowns for some of the words that I had time to analyze. I also updated features in the dictionary app itself to make it more usable.

New Features:

  • Word breakdowns for some of the words – showing what the building blocks of a word is (shown in blue under the description).
  • Classification for words (nouns, intransitive verbs, affixes, etc.) listed with each entry.
  • Can choose from classifications in the dropdown box so that search results only meet that criteria – OR you can leave the search box blank and set a classification to only see items with that class.
  • Can select whether to search all (Láadan and English), search just Láadan terms, or just English terms to reduce amount of items as a result.

I will continue going through the dictionary and adding more information about how words are built. As always, the quick search dictionary is here: http://ayadan.moosader.com/gadgets/laadan-dictionary/ and the dictionaries (and the PHP-based search app) are available on GitHub here: https://github.com/Aya-Dan/Laadan-Dictionary . The dictionary is a little slower right now, but bear with me – I will try to fix it up to be better.

There may be errors, so please let me know if you see anything.

Television adaptation of Native Tongue!

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Apparently, Suzette Haden Elgin’s book series Native Tongue is being adapted into a series by Until Media.

You can keep up with news of this project on their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nativetongueseries

Or their Twitter: https://twitter.com/thenativetongue

I don’t know anything about Until Media, so I’ll be looking more into who they are and what this project is (is it going to be a web series?). I’m interested in seeing how they portray the aliens and how the Láadan language is used in the show.

Nia Ido Android app

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Hi everybody –

On a whim I decided to write an Ido reference app today, similar to my Toki Pona and Láadan apps. The app contains an offline dictionary (like the others), as well as links to other resources online. The dictionary is the same as on this website, with the same dictionaries.

I’ve also made it open source because my Ido isn’t always great, so I thought it would be necessary for others to be able to maintain and improve upon it. I also don’t know much about alternative marketplaces beyond Google Play, so if someone wants to package it up and release it on some other market, feel free to do so. (Also tell me what marketplace you use?)

Láadan Spring Break

Rachel Wil Sha Singh
An image from the Láadan First Dictionary: A woman is hammering something on an anvil.
An image from the Láadan First Dictionary: A woman is hammering something on an anvil.

After work today, I will be on spring break! (Yay, one of the few perks of teaching college is having a spring break, but I still have a lot of grading to do.)

I have such a huge amount of anxiety when it comes to break periods, being afraid that I’ll waste my precious free time on things like sleeping and relaxing, ugh. ;P It is important to me to be productive, and I don’t get to do much creatively during the semester, because there just isn’t much time for creative projects. :(

So this Spring Break, I think I’m going to work on making some Láadan content for YouTube and queuing it up for the next few weeks.


  • Translate quotes about women, or by women
  • Read the WisCon talk and talk about inspirations of Láadan; brief history.
  • Make a storybook video of some Aesop stories in Láadan
  • Record the tune and (try to) sing “Birthsong”. (I’m REALLY insecure about my singing voice.)
  • Talk about Suzette’s abandoned languages
  • How to… (grammar help?) videos
  • Láadan songs (I bought myself a Ukulele with the intent of learning to write songs with conlang lyrics.)

If you have any other ideas, let me know!

My Láadan videos are currently available here: