Why learn Ido? – Sanzo84

A late reply (by 4 months), so apologies in advance. I’m a native Indonesian speaker, but I learned English since I was around 3 and currently teaching English as a Second Language to teenagers and adults. I’m also proficient in French (B2 level) having lived in France for 6 years. When I visited my parents … Continue reading Why learn Ido? – Sanzo84

Why learn Ido? – Vicente Thiên Nguyễn

I started learning Ido because of these reasons: Simply because I am interested in conlangs. Ido is relatively easy. I’m not sure if it’s easier than Esperanto or not; but it wouldn’t cause much trouble even for monolinguals. In order to be able to discuss about Ido, I started learning it. I myself saw posts … Continue reading Why learn Ido? – Vicente Thiên Nguyễn

Why learn Ido? – João Xavier Santos

I’ve started learning Ido after discovering the Wikipedia in Ido language – https://io.wikipedia.org – and also the Wiktionary in Ido – https://io.wiktionary.org . The reasons were a sum of three factors: – First, I’ve seen that the language has a simple grammar; it’s vocabulary is not too much difficult to understand (many people who speak … Continue reading Why learn Ido? – João Xavier Santos

Why learn Ido? – Ciencisto

I am a native French speaker. I started learning English at the age of 10, Spanish about three years later and some Swedish a few years ago. I am now 17. I like learning languages and using them with people of other cultures and nationalities. In fact, I originally wanted to learn Esperanto as a … Continue reading Why learn Ido? – Ciencisto

Why learn Ido? – Marcus Trawick

I learn Ido because I love it’s precision compared to Esperanto. I also love it’s euphony. I first learned Esperanto when I was young in the 70’s. I became fluent in it several years ago and became familiar with certain aspects of Esperanto that seem to be either less of a problem or non-existent in … Continue reading Why learn Ido? – Marcus Trawick

Why learn Ido? – ComradeBecca

I think I started learning it when I was mad about an argument I had gotten in or maybe just read with some homophobes in Esperanto. I have realized since then that conflicts are part of life, and Esperanto continues to be way more of a passion for me than Ido, but I continue learning … Continue reading Why learn Ido? – ComradeBecca

Collaborate for Conlangs!

Want to make original conlang content, but need some help? Find someone through Áyadan! Postings – Looking 4 Help – Looking 2 Help About Man, I love conlangs. They’re so addicting. But there’s one problem… …original content… Esperanto has a collection of original books, poetry, and music, but it is hard to find movies, games, and … Continue reading Collaborate for Conlangs!

Creating an inclusive auxlang

Read in English – Legu Esperante An international auxiliary language (sometimes abbreviated as IAL or auxlang) or interlanguage is a language meant for communication between people from different nations who do not share a common first language. An auxiliary language is primarily a second language. from Wikipedia Not all conlangs are meant to be auxlangs, … Continue reading Creating an inclusive auxlang