Update on the conlang repositories

Hi all –

As you may know, most of the conlang-related software and resources I put out I like to make open source. Previously, I had a GitHub organization for Áya Dan to put all the repositories. However, due to the recent acquisition by Microsoft, and Microsoft contracting with ICE, I have since moved all my repositories to BitBucket and deleted my GitHub account. All the conlang projects I work on are now available here: https://bitbucket.org/ayadan/ – and on a plus side, I can make *projects* in BitBucket so under the ayadan team there’s Esperanto, Láadan, Ido, etc. *projects*.

I’ll have to update the links as I find them, I don’t remember where all the links to the GitHub repositories are, but I will try to update them to the BitBucket locations over time.



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