A First Dictionary and Grammar of Láadan

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

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Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Programmer, artist, musician, and language lover.

convert_000When I first purchased this book, it was $60 used on Amazon. I carefully unbound it, scanned all the pages (except the dictionary), then re-bound it.

As of writing, I see the cheapest instance of it for sale at $350. That’s a lot.

Suzette passed away at the beginning of 2015. (what would she have thought of the 2016 race and our current U.S. government?)

Even so, this still technically wrong to upload a copy of this book. However, I doubt I will get into legal trouble over this; Myself and another person have tried to reach out to Suzette’s husband and to the publisher of this book, but have not received any response.

In interests of preserving the language, I’ve uploaded the scans I had originally made, in PDF form. This is the full book, except the dictionary in the middle. I might scan these later once I have time, and update this link.


2 thoughts on “A First Dictionary and Grammar of Láadan”

  1. I would love a set of the dictionary pages. I made a scan of my own copy of the book, but it’s black and white, and I didn’t scan the dictionary (because there were spreadsheets online that had that info), and I’ve since misplaced the original book.

    I thought of her most sharply during the “Emotional Labor” thread at metafilter; I think she would have loved seeing so many people try to discuss topics that English does not make easy to discuss.

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