Excerpts from A First Dictionary and Grammar of Láadan

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

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Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

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I’ve built a Creative Commons Láadan grammar lesson on Wikibooks because the book itself obviously is a property, and because the Amberwind lessons don’t have a license attached to them (though the website has been down for a while and Áya Dan is hosting a backup of it).

But one of the ways to really practice a language is to have something to read.

I’m essentially still learning, myself; it’s one thing to boil down grammar rules into a book, but it’s another to be really comfortable (and correct) in using the language.

So, at my discretion, I’m going to post some excerpts from the Láadan grammar book – some of the reading practice material that comes after the grammar and the dictionary. These practice items are really helpful because they have Láadan, English, and word-by-word breakdowns.

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  1. Thanks for this!

    I thought I saw somewhere you had written that you were going to try to get a copy of the tape that went with the book. How did that turn out?

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