Looking to Collab – Catherine Krause – Lyrics/Poetry/Translation/Conlang Creation

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

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Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Programmer, artist, musician, and language lover.


Also known as Becca; Catherine is my primary pen name as well as my middle name. I am moderately successful as a poet in English, having recently appeared in an anthology that was favorably reviewed by the Boston Globe. I also have had three poems in the main Interlingua magazine, Panorama in Interlingua.

I have had some Esperanto poems in Penseo. Here are some samples:

English Poetry

Non-English Poetry

I would put dialog below but I have very little published prose; still, ask me if you want to see some and find out whether I’m right for your project.


  • Writing lyrics
  • Writing poetry
  • Translation (Esperanto)
  • Translation (Other conlang)
  • Amateur language creator (conlanger).


Interested in collaborating? Leave a comment on this post, or email Rachel@Moosader.com and we will get you in touch!

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