Ohena – Respect for good reasons

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

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Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Programmer, artist, musician, and language lover.

Photo taken by Rai Singh
Photo taken by Rai Singh

Láadan English
Bíide habelid hibomid shéeth wo. The camel lives in the desert.
Habelid lemamid olineth. The deer lives in the forest.
Habelid thili melath. The fish lives in the sea.
Habelid shanemid hesheth. The rabbit lives in the grass.
Habelid elashemid yáanineth. The squirrel lives in the tree.
Thi habelid wohóohath. The camel has a view.
Thi lemamid wohóohath. The deer has a view.
Thi thili wohóohath. The fish has a view.
Thi shanemid wohóohath. The rabbit has a view.
Thi elashemid wohóohath. The squirrel has a view.
Wozhelith ra ben. They don’t think the same,
izh, thi ben ohenath. but, they have respect for good reasons.
Shidi ben. They are together.
Rashidi ben. They are apart.
Bíidi wohoth wa. In teaching I say: lives are important.
Bóo ohena ne abesheth. I request that you respect all.


While wandering around what there is of the Láadan community, past and present, I’ve found a couple instances of TERFs talking about how trans women aren’t REAL women, and this makes me mad. That’s why I wrote this short story.

I hope that our new Láadan community will be much more accepting and progressive than some of the old. In fact, the Láadanists I know personally are all pro-LGBTQIA+ and we would welcome anyone into the community that is also respectful of others. :]

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