The Child and the Cat – Háawith i rul

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

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Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Rachel Wil Sha Singh

Programmer, artist, musician, and language lover.


The child was alone. Bíide eril sholan háawith wo.
The cat was alone and glad of it. Eril elasholan rul.
The child went to the cat. Eril sháad háawith ruledi.
The cat left the child. Eril sháad rul háawithede.
The child followed the cat. Eril doth háawith ruleth.
The child tried to touch the cat. Eril dudama háawith ruleth.
The cat bit the child. Eril dashobe rul háawitheth.
The child cried. Eril wée háawith.
The cat slept. Eril áana rul.

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