Láadan: for women, but not *only* women

I would like to take the opportunity to link to an article about misunderstandings with Láadan…

Misunderstanding Láadan from Acta Lingweenie

the main point being that, Láadan was invented by a woman, with womens’ needs in mind, but it was never intended to be spoken only by women. Men are welcome to it, too!

There are some other common points brought up when one talks about Láadan – unfortunately, linking anything to “feminism” tends to cause people to react badly towards it by default. This is a shame, because Láadan is truly a unique concept! It would be nice if more people gained an interest in it.

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One thought on “Láadan: for women, but not *only* women

  • I agree! :)

    Láadan and feminism are both often assumed to be only for women, and misogynists of any gender tend to assume that anything by/for women is inherently inferior.

    I was reading today about two related concepts: “strong objectivity” and “standpoint theory.” If we assume that the majority of academic research has been carried out by privileged people, then it stands to reason that listening to the subjective experiences of marginalized people will actually increase objectivity.

    Hence, non-women have a very good reason to study feminism, as well as to learn Láadan. The dominant worldview is, by default, assumed to be objective and all-encompassing when it is actually androcentric and patriarchal. A truly all-encompassing worldview must, at minimum, take the views of feminists into account.

    So if it is true that Láadan is better at expressing female thought than any other language (a hypothesis which remains to be tested), then non-women have all the more reason to learn it. If it is not true, what is the worst that can happen?

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